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Kevin Cheng

Kevin Cheng (nickname: Evil Scholar), from Taiwan, China. He firstly came into contact with the billiards when he was thirteen, and had participated in many billiards championship events in high school, achieved good records. When came into college, he took part in national Elite Competitions for many times, also got good achievements.


In 2013, with the effort of many years, Kevin came into the top 8 in World 9-Ball China Open. He is a popular and famous billiard player in Taiwan, and has won the titles in many competitions. Based on his diligence and continuous learning, his skills improved rapidly like rocket in recent years.


In 2016, Kevin Cheng ranked No. #1 of WPA World Pool Men Ranking which shocked other veteran players in the billiards world.


The records Kevin Cheng achieved:


The Champion of 2015 CBSA Miyun 9-Ball International Open

The Champion of 2015 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships

The third place of 2016 Qatar 9- Ball World Championship

The runner-up of 2016 World 9-Ball China Open

Kevin Cheng Video
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