Magnum is inspired by the car and wine bottle, car painting technics, together with the shining trim, all these give people a feeling of future science. The leg likes a cone bottle, with the modifications from engineers, it seems with strength and power, and complete with the table perfectly.

In French, Magnum means “incredible and sovereign”. In military area, Magnum is a revolver with the strongest power in the world. In car industry, Magnum is a model of advanced, high-tech and luxury. The design of Magnum table from Rasson is well shown with all of these advantages.

Magnum (Chinese Pool) is available in following sizes:


  • 2540 x 1270 mm   100 " X 50"  (9-foot)


The chinese pool is comprised of precision cut 40mm thick 3pc premium RASSON slate, grinded and then sanded flat within a tolerance of less than 0.1mm. 


Our Adamath-Wood rail with unique processing technology compresses phenolic resin into precious hardwood veneers, resulting in a luxurious look with an ultra durable finish that is resistant to warping, scratches, moisture, and heat.


The Northern brand is synonymous with quality billiard rubber. Durable yet precise, they offer the most consistent response and longevity of any billiard cushion. 


The rail cushion is comprised of 10mm thick steel plate, using a golden screw to make the steel plate and slate perfectly fit. And it reaches the impact rebound coefficients of   professional matches.


50mm thick solid wood Cabinet integrated the patented aluminium alloy beam above it guarantees the superior flatness and stability of the table; with aluminium alloy trims inlayed to the side of cabinet offers a more fashionable look.

        Patent Number: CN 210813855 U

       Patented Design; All Rights Reserved.


Our patent pending LevelBox Plus (TM) system allows for micro adjustments to the slate across 12 key locations, allowing for precise installation without the need for shims and immobilization after adjustments. The system features easy access with the ability to make levelling readjustments throughout the lifespan of your table. 

       Patent Number: ZL201721034533.7

       Patented Design; All Rights Reserved.


Our pocket buckets use imported cattle hide top layer leather, it has brass corner on the inside. With the genuine leather pressing technique, they’re very durable as well.


The default match cloth is Strachan 6811. 


Aluminium alloy Leg plate offers easy adjustment to table height and leveling as well perfect match- ing look with metal trim on cabinet.


Heaters with thermostatic control from South Korea underneath the slate guarantees a safe control, removes moisture both on cloth and balls quickly, makes balls roll faster.

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