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Jayson “The Eagle Eye” Shaw

Jayson Shaw, born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1988, has been playing since he was 5 years old. Just as many of the British players have done, Shaw began his career playing English 8-ball, and first turned his attention to the American pool in 2006 at the short lived International Pool Tour.


Shaw began to rapidly climb the ladder of success since 2014 and achieved a lot of titles like 5 x Turning Stone Classic Champion, 2 x Derby City Classic Big Foot Champion, Kuwait 9 Ball Champion, ESPN Challenge of Champions Winner, US Open 9 Ball Champion, Mosconi Cup Winner. He was also voted as Player of the Year 2016 by Billiards Digest and AZ Billiards.


Below are some of his main achievements as a pool player:

Derby City Classic Bigfoot 10-Ball Champion
International Challenge of Champions , champion
Steinway Classic Champion
Kuwait Open  2016 Champion
Mosconi Cup  2016 Champion Team Europe
Accu-Stats Make It Happen Eight Ball Champion
4th Annual Deurne City Classic 9-Ball Champion
Bergen Open Champion
28th Ocean State 9-Ball Championship Champion
Eastern St. Open/Pro Championship Champion
7th NE P&F HOF 9B Open Champion
PPA Tour 2016 #5 Open Champion
PPA Tour 2016 #12 Open  Champion

Turning Stone Casino Classic Champion

Turning Stone Casino Classic  Champion

Blackball World Champion

Other Notable Achievements 
2016 Billiards Digest Player of the Year
2016 AZ Billiards Player of the Year

Jayson Shaw Video
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