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RASSON BILLIARDS MFG. was established in 1990. Upon its inception, RASSON produced OEM billiards slate for table manufacturers worldwide. To date, RASSON produces nearly of the 60% of the billiard slate in the North American market and is the most well-known brand of billiard slate around the globe. In 2005, the RASSON business expanded into billiard table manufacturing, and provided OEM and ODM products for numerous top billiards brands in North American. Years later, RASSON has now become the largest manufacturer and exporter of billiard tables in the world. In our 484,375 square-foot (45,000M2) factory, RASSON produces over 20,000 tables per year that are shipped all over the world.

Every RASSON table is built using the best selected woods, cutting edge materials, with exquisite craftsmanship, and the highest quality standards in the industry. Each RASSON Professional Pool Table is designed and equipped with our own patented technologies such as our Slate Leveling System and Pockets. These technologies make for faster assembly of the table and the ultimate experience in consistent table play. 


RASSON as a brand believes in giving back and further cultivating the development of all cue sports on the global stage. We support many international billiards tournaments including the EPBF, ICP, UMB, WPA, and many more. All of the RASSON Professional Pool Tables have been built to competition specifications and are used as the official pool table of many international billiard organizations such as Matchroom Sports, that host such events as the Mosconi Cup, World Pool Masters, and the World Cup of Pool. It is also showcased as the official pool table of the GB9 Tour in the United Kingdom, the Polish Billiards Association, and many more. The Magnum II Snooker Table has also been recognized as one  of the best in its sport due to its quality and the consistency that it provides during play. It is the official table of Matchroom Sports prestigious Champion of Champions event and also the 2017 World Games. 



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